Game Tips!

Strategic Gameplay Tips:
Level 1. Read the messages from your new pal, the Microbot C85.
Follow the little green arrows and be a little patient patient.
Levels are unlocked, jump to any by pressing ESC and choosing Level Select.
ALevel 2. You probably forgot to buy a new cell.
Level 3. Moving molecules is costing you energy.
“Inflammation Max” is a measure of how well the body would have done without you.
You are competing against nature.
Level 4. Now you realize you are really playing a game about white blood cells. One will activate the other but only after the one had received a clear sign that danger is near
(Macrophage won’t activate nobody til Macrophage eats its own pathogen, thank you very much.)
Level 5. Your pal Microbot C85 is trying to give you data.
Click on pathogens to see what Microbot C85 is saying.
The DATAbase (click on the grey DATA button) will give you tips.
Level 6. Get cells to leave the veins at any spot on the vein: drag Purple C to vein, click on the resulting blinky yellow spot, and click “Buy Escape Site” in the bottom panel.

Click on items to see their names and tips in the Data Panel, on the bottom right.
Buy cells on the bottom left. There are three things you can but, they become available as you go.
DATA — The grey DATA button takes you to the Database, and gives you very useful game tips.
Z or scroll wheel — To zoom in or out, using the cursor as the focus point.
TAB —  To select the next visible cell to the right.
Left click and drag to move a molecule, this cost 1 Energy Point.
In levels 5 and 6 you can grab 4 molecules at a time. However, dumping them on a receptor will leave 3 of the 4 to float around and possibly make your cell move backwards. To solve this:
— Grab just one molecule.
— Or try grabbing several molecules, and while still holding down the left mouse button, press SHIFT and DRAG.  The molecules will stay still for a few seconds.
— Another interesting thing we are trying is Pushing, and you can see that if you grab a molecule, press SHIFT and let go of the mouse button that your molecule will fly away.