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Molecular Jig Games, LLC is a tiny indie studio run by Melanie Stegman, Ph.D.  Melanie studied biochemistry and now she tries to share the feeling of being a scientist.  This means we make games that let players see the molecular and cellular world and then reason through problems.

We have a Patreon, so you can support our work.  We also write grant applications, so we appreciate academic collaborators!  Email Melanie at MolecularJig at gmail.  We can make games for you and we can consult on game design: If you want an innovative approach to engaging your audience, let us help you design it.

Find us on Twitter, Itch.io, and Patreon.

Please keep in touch.  And tell your friends about our games!

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Howard Young, Ph.D. Molecular and cellular immunology, innate immunity, finding other experts.
Kevin Clark, Ph.D. Engaging African-American students in STEM, video games and tech use.
Dr. Toni Pollin, Ph.D. Molecular, genetic and cellular aspects of diabetes and heart disease.
Scot Osterweil, Effective and engaging learning game design.
Mike Klymkowsky, Ph.D. Teaching fundamentals of molecular science in a systemic way.
Jodie Jenkinson, Ph.D.
Using animation and illustration to teach molecular behavior.

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Why do we make games about proteins? What can you learn by playing our games?