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Games in development (pdf).

Microbot C85

A strategy game with inflammation danger
Microbot C85 is a fantasy robot that is 25 micrometers wide. You can use energy to move cytokine molecules from their normal, random path to the receptor on the white blood cell.  Get the cell to the bacteria before inflammation gets too high!

  • Diffusion / Brownian motion / Random movement
  • Energy
  • Cellular behavior
  • Phagocytosis: Bacteria eaten and killed by white blood cells
  • Scale of cells vs. bacteria (20 microns vs. 1 micron)
  • Systemic presentation of cells, their proteins, and their interaction with their environment at the molecular level.

Speedy Cell

Zoom in and now we can control which receptors are on the white blood cell’s surface.  Use different receptors to move in in different directions. Avoid the TB bacteria!  Is an endless runner game: game over when the cell gets infected.

  • Cell changes behavior based on environment.
  • Cell’s interaction with environment requires specific receptors.
  • Infection results when bacteria stay alive in the cell.
  • Many different types of microbes, many not pathogenic.
  • Receptors/Proteins shape matters for their function.


Pilot a Nanobot on the cell’s surface. Surface proteins bounce around and some bind to each other, creating road blocks. Use their shapes to predict which proteins will form roadblocks and which will not, to drive the fastest path to the TB bacteria.

This is the beginning of a 3D adventure inside and outside cells that teaches players the fundamentals of nutrition and mental health.

  • Scale of cell vs. proteins (20 microns vs. 0.1 microns).
  • Some proteins bind each other/some do not.
  • Receptors/Proteins shape matters for their behavior.
  • Cell surface is a fluid place with lots of movement.

For laptop, mobile or VR (Google Cardboard).

This video shows just 4 weeks of work.  You are driving a nanobot around on the surface of a cell. The surface molecules are all purple so far. You are trying to go where the pointer points you, and your simple nanobot engine propels you constantly forward, and those surface molecules are always blocking your path!


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