Art Imitating Life Science

So, we make a video game intended to teach students Immunology and cell biology.  So we are obviously interested in the many ways that a creative media like video games, graphic design, song writing, story writing, and even music video can be used to present science effectively.  And let is also remember that the process of writing that story is actually a rigorous course of education for the author.   Students that make games, songs and stories based on science have to learn the science first…..  And here is my latest discovery:  Regulatin Genes.  Enjoy it for yourself.  And pass it on to your students and friends.

You can contribute your own video to us, and also watch for the next Hotchalk/FAS Virtual Science Fair!

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2 comments on “Art Imitating Life Science
  1. hadinata tjaw says:

    hadinata tjaw . Games FTW


    Here is the story that eSchool News did on us! And the games are coming soon!


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