Spock, Vulcans, Art and Love

Leonard Nimoy died today.  We are all another step closer to being the ones responsible for providing a place for science, relationships and humanity in the world.  We should all feel just a bit more urgency for our stories to be fair, our view of the world to be optimistic, and our love of the unknown to be more evident.  Because if we do not, who will?

My favorite Spock moment was when Spock’s father is the first alien to set foot on Earth. All of us Earthlings watching the movie are seeing an alien land on Earth and we are not scared. Instead we are excited, because we all love Spock so much already. This moment always comes back to me when I think about how culture shapes our expectations, how our big group experiences can change a whole nation… and in this case, art and literature made us more accepting of a different culture… Things that seem foreign and scary can become familiar and loved, with enough time and enough good stories.

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