What’s Taking So Long?

This question rattles around in my head every 30 seconds.  Every other 30 seconds is the other question: How will I get all of this work done?  The answer: focus.  Focus the design doc into a short sweet plan, and focus my minutes to make what is on the plan.

I won’t be doing any game design or dev today. Today is for grant writing: I have a “design doc” for my grant application, an outline: What is the product you wish to make, Why is it worth the money, What problem in education does it fix, How does it fix it and how will you know the problem is fixed? And the kicker: How will this product make money?

So this is a short post.  I leave you with a screen shot from yesterday: Yesterday was game design (and catching up on sleep lost due to Thanksgiving travel).  Screenshot 2015-11-29 14.21.55

This is our first draft of our new GUI. Player clicks (taps) on the cell and the menu opens, allowing player to change receptors and get information about them.

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