Second day

Back again at the coffeeshop after work. Deciding to work 2.5 hours after work means that I leave my house at 8am and get home at 8pm. But after making this decision I have been super happy. Additionally, I don’t regret, yet, telling all you that I plan to get this game done by MAGFest ’18.  So, all in all, I’m feeling pretty good.

Tonight I am filling in my list of  level descriptions. Now that I’ve decided that each level has 5 waves and have done a first pass at balancing the energy and inflammation (tower costs and energy gained by killing enemies) I am ready to stick in the unique enemy types and see how they play …  So I’ll quietly fill in my spreadsheet tonight. Unique enemies are Staph, Listeria, and bacterial pneumonia.  Viruses have some open questions still..  more about them tomorrow perhaps.

Oh, another part of game development is finding your audience.  I am helping all of us Science Game Developers find players with the  I just fixed it up a lot, so please check it out.  Review some games and send us your games!

Send us your games!

Log in to the and scroll all the way down. Suggest a game here!!!

Happy game dev and happy science-ing everyone!

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