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* “Really, are you the first cell biology strategy game?” you ask. We do our best to keep up with other science games. Because we love science and we love games. You can search for “cell biology” games at our lovely site My favorite example of a cell biology game is CellCraft.  You might call CellCraft a strategy game…  it is definitely the beginning of a game. Clearly, even if CellCraft were a finished game, the mechanic, goal, art and gameplay of Cell craft is completely different from Immune Defense. In fact, no one who plays in Cell Craft would have any idea what to do in Immune Defense. Both games can be described as “cell biology games in which the player must cause cells to create pseudopods, to eat things that give them energy.”  But watch this video to see how incredibly different our two games are.

You should be able to see that, even if we are not the absolute first “cell biology strategy game” the problems of a “first” game has are still ours: nothing about our game is familiar to anyone! Even CellCraft fans will find Immune Defense almost completely foreign.

The are no commonly understood game mechanics, here. If you pick up a first person shooter, you play with the buttons, looking for shoot, switch guns, duck, stealth mode, etc.  Because you already expect these mechanics! Players learned over the span of years, adding a new mechanic with each new game. Which game was it that introduced the ability to crouch? I forget, but you get my point, I hope.  There are a million 1st person shooter games and they are all different enough to create a novel game.  So we can have a million different cell biology games.  However, we cell biology game developers need to teach y’all about cell biology game mechanics before we can get into some real good cell biology strategy games!

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