Saturday Night

Working tonight. I work many evenings on my games. Somehow this game development effort has become a long term part of my life.  

This summer I worked daily with Serena Gyi to come up with an awesome and complete design for Immune Defense, the real time strategy game. 

This we realized it will take more than a year to complete it. 

I personally felt a huge pain: a whole 4 years have passed, a whole high School career has gone by without my games being available to kids.  

I decided to focus immediately on a set of mini games that kids can play in school. Profit, mobile market success, all that indie game polish and my happiness be damned: I will get these real learning tools into teachers hands finally.  

After the school versions are done and distributed, I’ll polish them for mobile. If anyone likes them, we’ll have that many players familiar with the world and mechanics of Immune Defense and all the better!

Today is Dec 16, 1st mini game is in the artist–Rebecca Sinclair’s– hands and musician–Tom Miller’s– hands, which means, nearly ready for a first demo and for some serious level design and text writing by me!

2nd mini game needs some tiny bits of programming help, and then it’s off to the artist.  

3rd mini game is 1/2 way to awesomeness in its progammer’s hands… I designed it to be a racing, bumper car adventure on the cell surface… And it will be VR.  

The three games build on each other, so by the time you get to the VR game you know why you want to find these lethal bacteria! The games also show players cell/molecular biology at thrr scales. They present a come understanding of the systems of proteins and molecules that cells are.  

Even tho they are mini and perhaps not viable on the competitive mobile market, I am proud of these games.  They have tones of potential for further development…

So, I’m going to shut up and get to work!  Oh yeah, we have a deadline, at least a expo where we get to demo our games to the public and public schools: Jan 8 is the Federally Funded Game Expo.  It’s at the Kennedy Center, DC.  You should come!

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