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Some people believe in science, some people do not. Science, however, doesn’t want anyone’s faith. Science wants well designed experiments that produce data and provide positive and negative controls. Without well controlled data, no one should accept science.

However, we have well controlled data about many things, yet many people argue about these things. Like vaccines. Smallpox, Polio, Measles have shown us that vaccines work. Yet, significant numbers of people don’t vaccinate their children.

I started this post and then was overwhelmed by my thoughts, as is often the case when try to write about things I care the most about. I know that I believe that people would understand science better if they had the vocabulary. I also know people love learning at their own pace and I know that people love games and the stories/characters/worlds of games. So I know my answer to the problem of people being against science is science games.

But what is the deeper analysis of why? What is the research that supports my gut? After getting lost in my thoughts, I heard this Hidden Brain episode. This episode of this great show was all about how everything we know is basically told to us from someone else– like for the most part we don’t do an experiment for ourselves to re-discover the path of planets or the number of chromosomes in our cells. This means that whom we trust has a fundamental effect on what we know.

This episode left me thinking about my favorite question, how to make people feel like science is theirs.

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3 comments on “Science Communication
  1. ranga says:

    I do believe in science, but it has limitations like it cannot proceed to study something which is beyond our five sense organs.

    • Melanie says:

      Hmmmmm. That is a very interesting point! I think you mean spiritual things. Like science cannot change our minds about our faith in our purpose on Earth. I agree with that. On the other hand, taking your comment literally, it isn’t true at all! With science we are discovering many things that we can’t see, hear or feel! Like sub atomic particles… even molecules for many centuries were invisible… we had science to guide us about thinking about life and how our bodies are made even though we couldn’t even see cells or molecules genes or proteins… I feel like science helps us appreciate the world and to truly develop our sense of wonder for nature we should study it!

      • ranga says:

        I am a pharmacologist so, my opinions are based in that matters. I have seen medicines made of plant extracts work better than chemically designed ones. And their action is not explainable in scientific manner.

        For example I have noticed that people who have developed infections which are resistant to antibiotics can be treated with plant based medicines.

        I really do not know the scientific mechanism behind it.

        Also the way mind functions makes it hard to manage psychological problems with neuro-related medicine. But you can manage them well with meditation.

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