Hey! We are on Patreon! We are building NanoCrasherVR!

It is finally official.  I have a little team, we are working on the little game called NanoCrasherVR, and we are so committed that we started the Patreon page!  I will be blogging more than twice each month and about our game dev progress, and once or twice a month and about game design/proteins/science communication…

Everyone reading this has been a long-time supporter of my biochemistry games. Thank you.  Over the past 13 years, I have learned a lot about game development, including learning about myself. I am in a stable place and I have a lovely group of people.  I also have a small game that has been playtested and iterated on for 3 years now…  My IndieGoGo Supporters are amazing.  Two of you have already found us, in our first week on Patreon.

Read about our team here:  https://www.patreon.com/posts/48302662

Read about some of our game design plans here: www.patreon.com/posts/nanocrasher-deep-48984444

Watch our Patreon launch video! 🙂 All this art is placeholder.  My focus this week is choosing which proteins to put on the cell surface, then how to make the 3D models and then how to color them and modify their shapes…

NanoCrasherVR will be a short, free game for CardboardVR and for Android mobile devices.  I plan for it to be complete in October.  If my developers/musicians/artists remain available (ie, if I can pay them enough) we will add a little bit of code to the code base to create levels with viruses, and with a new weapon for the player: antibodies.  Our plans are modest, but we are excited by how close we are to a finished product.

Read our Patreon page for more plans. Check back here for updates!  Thank you!  Tell your friends!

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