MoleculAr JIg BLOg

Hello biology game fans,

I am trying to blog more often. Pardon me if this is boring. Honestly, I have so much going on right now, there is no way this could be boring!!

First of all, Strategic Repair Protocol is coming along! We have a first build. Michael Butler, of Atelier Monarch Studios, is a great Unity3d developer.

In this video you can see me changing the first machine. I change the affinity of the machine for red shapes. The machine starts out with high affinity for red. I change it to low affinity for red. The effect is that we soon have no pink. We are doing game design to try to make some puzzles out of the relative concentrations of shapes….. and also the rates of binding… We could call this game Concentrations and Rates, like Chutes and Ladders, get it? 😉

I am outta here for now. Too much to do! You will see in the next video that will come in the next week!

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