Strategic Repair Protocol

Development Log…. SRP is a work in progress!

June, 2022

I heard about a Microgrant from the Global Game Jam, to fund the continuation of work on any GGJ game that is intended to be educational.  I applied and won.  We worked all summer to nail down a game design that is inspirational, feasible and expandable.   My blog page contains some posts…

August 2022

I get a job teaching at Whoa! What a lot of work it is to explain how you do Game Design and game development!

November 20, 2022

Strategic Repair Protocol:  A Steampunk fantasy. A community of tiny, dedicated machines, with functions that can be mixed and matched, as needed. A tiny world where everything happens by accident… so preparing for accidents is our only plan…

Strategic Repair Protocol is a puzzle game. You help the machines achieve their goals by changing their speeds, and locations…  this changes how fast they work and how much of their products are available for other machines to work on…

Nano-Machines Inspirational Video:


Michael Butler of Atelier Monarch Studios

Science Design Collaborators
Cathy Santai
Erica Ward
Andrea Nagy

Melanie Stegman
Billy Grim
With much credit going to the original GGJ Team members:

Sound and Music
Tom Miller (Soundcloud)

First level sketch

Hand drawn Nano-Machines made of brass with levers and open holes where blue "magic" can be seen. Red shapes enter scene on right and blue and purple shapes are collected in buckets on the right. The whole field is a ball pit and the nano machines are in the ball pit, too.

Placeholder art, by Melanie Stegman, for level 3… Steampunk Nano-Machines use Red Bits to create enough Blue and Purple Bobs to fill the buckets… Space and Time can be manipulated… because, well, magic.


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Our current goal: To release for playtesting a first playable (rough draft) of Strategic Repair Protocol on December 20, 2022.

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