Global Game Jam Microgrant Win!

Hi Fans! Yours truly applied for a microgrant from the Global Game Jam and Endless Foundation. They wanted to support further development of any educational games that began at a Global Game Jam event. In 2020 the theme of the GGJ was Repair. My first thought was repairing the body, and of course, at the protein/cellular level. 4 wonderful developers were attracted to this idea: creating a game based on reality. Towards the end of the weekend, our game design evolved to the moving puzzle idea that I submitted in my Microgrant application. However, the theme was SteamPunk right from the beginning. The name, Strategic Repair Protocol, also came to us early on.

The dream of the game is that a community of steam punk nanobots work together to create the right bits and bobs for all the Nanobots. The needs are always changing, a new set of bobs always seems to be in demand. As the player becomes more familiar with the function of the subunits of each Nanobot, the player can eventually make strategic repairs to optimize but usage and bob production.

This is the goal. I planned the first month of work to focus on designing the Nanobots, the bits, bobs, anf other factors that Nanobots use to function. In July the focus will be creation of levels to play, deciding what the player does, exactly. In August, development would start.

So far, June has been successful and more fun than I had anticipated! I’ve been working with three of my favorite people, three science faculty at Harrisburg University. We are creating amazingly intricate Nanobots, made out of SteamPunk parts: plumbing pipes, interlocking gears, pulleys, mouse traps and springs.

Where do we draw our inspiration from? Where would a bunch of biochemists/chemists look to design a fascinating set of Nanobots? Any guesses? ?

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