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A New Intern Approaches!

Hello! My name is Brittany Williams (call me Bri), and I am the new social media intern for Molecular Jig Games and Immune Defense. My goal is to make sure all the people who are interested in and support the work the company is doing get weekly information as the talented devs push forward to the finish line.

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Dear Fans

We have been quietly working on Immune Defense. We have a functional Android tablet version. It is not optimized for performance and the tutorial and GUI are only a rough draft…   but our giant blob of prototyped and re-prototyped spaghetti is finally running nicely on Android tablets!

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Game Design Method

I was asked to talk at GGJ 2016 at American University’s Game Lab. I suddenly had to figure out what my years of experience had given me that I could share. I panicked for a week. Then I remembered a few things and realized that I actually have a systemic approach to game design.

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iGamer a global science game competition!

Local game developers make it big in Paris, France!

OK, well, “Local” in this case of means local to our side of the Earth, sort of an new world VS. old world battle: But we won!

OK let me explain, iGam4er is a hot hot game competition hosted each year since 2013 by the CRI in Paris,

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