A New Intern Approaches!

Hello! My name is Brittany Williams (call me Bri), and I am the new social media intern for Molecular Jig Games and Immune Defense. My goal is to make sure all the people who are interested in and support the work the company is doing get weekly information as the talented devs push forward to the finish line. But first, I thought I’d give a little introduction to myself and why I chose to pursue an internship with Molecular Jig.

Again, please call me Bri. I am a 2nd year student at American University’s Game Lab where I hope to learn a lot more about artificial intelligence in games and use my skills to work in narrative design in the future. Previously I got my BS in Film and TV production and my associates in mass communication from St. John’s University. On a personal level, I love most things horror, playing Dungeons & Dragons, writing, doodling, and learning things that are only really useful for trivia shows.

I first met Melanie in the 1st semester at the Game Lab. She came to us to talk about how passionate she was about biology and how she wanted to share that joy with other people through immune defense. It was something that definitely left an impression on me; before then I didn’t have a lot of experience with purposeful/teaching games but it made me want to learn more about that world. As I continued to get into the DC indie game scene and finished game after game, Melanie and I kept popping up in the same places, and I had more opportunities to¬† hear about her work. Molecular Jig has been through plenty of trials and victories, and hearing the connections they’ve made to push their game into the public eye inspired me. Add in listening to what game designer Rae had to say when she talked about her work at the end of school last year and I knew I wanted to help. Add a hopeful email, an insightful phone call, and a lunch meeting and the rest is history.

And that’s the story so far! Our goal with the new set-up is to have new blog posts and screenshots up on a weekly basis. Balancing this and school has made this post quite late, but look forward to better schedule starting this coming week! I’ll be doing a small review of the game as it stands next week, so please look forward to it!


-Bri Williams


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