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We have been quietly working on Immune Defense. We have a functional Android tablet version. It is not optimized for performance and the tutorial and GUI are only a rough draft…   but our giant blob of prototyped and re-prototyped spaghetti is finally running nicely on Android tablets! Our Game Scientist group will be getting a link to this ungainly yet triumphant version of Immune Defense.  The rest of you will have to wait till our internal alpha in December.  But we will be posting videos and GIF and keeping you in the loop!

We showed Immune Defense in some shows around our home base of Washington, DC.  Artscape is a big weekend long art show in Baltimore and we have shown Immune Defense in their juried indie games shows called Gamescape Link to new article.  This is an article about us at Baltimore Innovation Week VR event Link to news article.

We are making a second game–a small demo so far–of what it would be like driving a nano-bumper car on the surface of a cell.  This demo will become a full fledged game if we get some funding…  we find out in November about the funding, so keep your fingers crossed!  This bumper car game would demonstrate how proteins on cells move, hoe receptors bind their targets and how their movements change after binding things… so the player gets used to how those proteins behave and gets better and better at driving that nano-buggy.  Then, along come high blood sugar, and slowly but surely, proteins stop acting as you expect…  This surface of the cell scene is one of the several scenes we plan for our game that teaches nutrition, blood sugar level and digestion at the molecular level.  As always, our plan is to make a great game, placing the player in a realistic nano-environment and letting players see and use molecules to win!

Watch for new from us on this site, our IndieGoGo site and in your email inboxes.  Thank you again and always for your support.  Your emails and your postings are very encouraging and appreciated!

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