nailing down molecules

Wow, blogging about game design is rough. All this work I did this weekend and not trying to explain it all is a whole new task!

John and I talked through 3 completely different ways to present molecules to the player today. Should the player be able to manipulate viruses or not? How many viruses should we depict? How can we depict an accurate number of viral particles and not completely overwhelm the player?

I am sketching step by step game play for our levels that include viruses. I also did laundry, weight lifting, cooking and those other aspects of being a civilized human that need to get done one weekends.  Indie game development is like a lifestyle. I am like a cloistered nun.   My friends attended a funk parade and the Library of Congress induction of Gloria Gaynor’s song, I Will Survive.” while I spent all my free time sketching viruses and user interface ideas.   Oh, am I complaining?  I apologize.  I am just trying to make you feel some sympathy, because I am going to go to bed now and you are not going to get to see any sketches!

(Soon, soon!)

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