Tonight I am presenting NanoCrasherVR at B’moreVR. This group is really nice to hang out with. Everyone is working on something not just cool but experimental. It seems everyone there is pushing some frontier forward.

The work never stops! The presentations, the coding, the art and design… Our games listed under the Under Development tab keep me busy. So busy!

Made it home from Baltimore it’s now 11 p.m. Baltimore VR Meetup was once again fantastic. I meant two possible collaborators one who works in public health another who puts stickers on chemotherapy IV bags to make you feel better about the experience let me see whose cards I can find here… Ok. The Chemo IV bag stickers are by …. If you or a loved one are taking chemo treatments, ask for Dhremo!

Finally, as I fall asleep, I remember listening to Phillip Roth on NPR … He died this week. NPR played a clip of him saying that when you write a book you get to make the whole thing by yourself and that gives you complete freedom to make that book exactly what you want. But you pay for that freedom with the work you must do to write the book, with the work it takes to make that book good enough to give the reader the experience you have imagined for them. A woman they were interviewing this evening was a good friend of Roth’s and she said he worked very hard, making many drafts of all his books and asking for real criticism and feedback from her and other readers. She said that he was very observant never missed anything and would often incorporate her comments into things character said in the book. She said sometimes her observations would be things that minor unpopular or perhaps somehow other weird minor characters would say. I got the distinct impression that Philip Roth was someone who writes like I do painfully slowly and with many iterations but this friend of his said that his books read as if they were a burst of energy popping off the page. But it was really a lot of work.

So I go to bed tonight encouraged to stay busy working on my games and to try to remember that all this work I’m doing is providing me the freedom to make the crazy molecular biology games I have imagined. And I remember that a few good people want to collaborate.

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