When anything is possible.

I’m flying in an airplane. At some point my mind drifts and I forget where I am going and for a moment, I could be going anywhere. In this exciting, happy moment all the possibilities crowd my brain. I smile and think, “I like this feeling… I should travel more.”. This feeling is like the beginning of a project. The design or pre-production phase. The fun part. Possibilities abound, the scope is not defined and our every day tasks are also often flexible.

I was talking with a senior biotech student about her forensics project and she asked me if it was normal to no longer be excited about her project. I laughed, oh yeah, that is normal! This is what happens for your whole 3rd and 4th year of grad school! … Then I realized another similarity of game dev and biochemistry graduate school: th idea phase of experiment planning is fun but the years of long days and worked weekends it takes to carry out your ideas is just work. Working, slogging, going through the motions… It is a lot of labor intensive problem solving. A lot of you-alone-with yqour equipment. A lot of time in a cold room or a dark room or at a microscope…

Anyway, point is: our kinds can think up a new reality about 1000 fold faster than we can develop that new reality. And the key to being strong enough to survive till the new reality is developed (till the game is playable or the new biochemistry is proven) the key is to admit that we are not having fun not being inspired by the drudgery, and then keep on keeping on.

I’m keeping on. I am planning our next ScienceGameCenter party for GDC 2019. I am working on a mobile game– and endless runner in which vaccination will be required to keep on running! …and I’m writing those SBIR grant applications. I’m slogging. I live the deas, I even love the work. I know I am happy here, doing these games. Thank you for sticking by me while I develop the reality we dreamt of.

<3 <3 <3 <3

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