A good day

Dear DevBlog,

Today is a very good day. I am building levels in the first iteration of our new mobile game! It is so new and so exciting that I am only going to tell you the name and nothing else. It’s called Speedy Cell. And yes, as the name implies, it will be an impossibly hard, endless runner game. You know, like Flappy Bird was. Flappy Bird really an “endless flyer” game… though we still say endless runner. Speedy Cell is also not exactly a runner. It’s actually an endless cytokinesis game. I will tell you more soon. But for now, sweet DevBlog, send me happy thoughts while I design levels and see how high I can turn up the fun knob.

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One comment on “A good day
  1. Mark Stegman says:

    Turn Up The Fun Knob, ye controller of the fun.

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