Feels like the end of the year, like “it’s all over now.” Summer is gone. I think the whole finality feeling is because I’m burnt out. Me and everyone else. Winter in central Pennsylvania is a wet, dreary, cold, long long long time.

I go to the university building almost daily now, but often I come and go without seeing anyone… My class is online. My main project involves all remote collaborators. And I live alone. I am working on that, but it’s like winning the lottery, finding a family.

I love making fun things with molecules. I just need something else in my life besides sitting at the computer alone. I joined the League of Women Voters, so I’d be active in my community–and maybe meet people. I suddenly find myself in charge of social media for my chapter. I would rather be in charge of in person social events… But we don’t have any of those any more.

I am working on things. I am considering doing Inktober… But might cheat. I may just take pictures of my new molecules. I bought molecular models so I can use them as models to draw with, since I’m trying to illustrate my story about Al and Leu.

Leu is on the left, with the long, graceful tail. Al is on the right, with a stubby, but workable tail.
And there you have it, folks. If Leu and Al’s adventures ever become super popular, you can say you read about them here first.

My computer science student walked in and saw my molecular model kids and said, “Oh, these are for the cell things!!” ☺️ Yes! Those cell things! My tiny imaginary friends, the amino acids. The cell is my own personal Fraggle Rock. All I have to do is communicate what’s in my mind to others. Should be no problem.

I’m conducting research in the classroom with Immune Defense. I’ll be able to talk about it in a few weeks. It’s a small, casual survey, so we’ll see how much data we get. My colleagues are very supportive, and also very happy to have such a cool tool to teach with. They want more!! MOAR!!! So they are happy to help me get some data. ’cause you can’t get a grant with out the data!!

NanoCrasher updates are on Patreon now. But I can tell you that the plan is to make a small PC version and then see if I can get a publisher to partner with me. Know any indie publishers? Email me at Melanie at molecularjig dot com. I have the most patient, dedicated supporters. I am very lucky.

I wish you all some happiness. I hope we get to spend time with other Humans more regularly. Take care of yourselves. Take care of someone else, too.

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