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NanoCrasherVR Music and Art

Protein Art  We have recruited an expert structural biologist to our project!  Martina Maritan, Ph.D. is a structural biologist, which means she studied the shape of proteins, and in particular, she used X-Rays the same way Rosalind Franklin did.  Now she is a postdoc in the Molecular Graphics Lab,

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Game Design Realities

I’m designing a game about digestion. I have a pad of paper with details like how much glucose is in a gummi bear, how fast the glucose gets absorbed into the blood stream, where the player can place glucose receptors and how much they should cost… But I also have a pad of paper with blogging topics,

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User Interface notes

Our goal: Get the average 12 through 50 year old to play with molecular cell biology and biochemistry.

Plan: Create a commercially successful game that requires the player to use proteins for their correct functions in order to win.

Problem: What is molecular cell biology and biochemistry?

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DevBlog 9/15 A New Plan

I’ve been silent for a while. Sharing your thoughts is difficult when they are 20%plan and 80%doubts.  But I have been working hard, playing, designing, reading research, and then trying to imagine a game out of it, considering what would be accurate, fun and possible given what we have programmed/drawn already and building a team who believes in the plan. 

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