Immune Defense 2023 + more games

A futuristic story about a Nanobot in a cutting-edge University lab: A Nanobot that can manipulate proteins to cure Human disease. This Nanobot is such a breakthrough technology, that no one even knows all the different ways we can change things…  the Nanobot’s computer keeps track of all the solutions you come up with…. storing them for development by the corporation that owns the rights to everything the Nanobot creates. You and your publicly funded university researchers work daily to find solutions to curing infections faster…  your Nanobot’s database fills with facts and solutions…  One day you notice what seems like, well….  sarcasm.

Immune Defense 2023: Coming to your tablets, Chromebooks, Macs and PCs

More details coming soon!  Download the free 2015 version, PC only, below.



New Puzzle Game: Strategic Repair Protocol

This game began as a Global Game Jam (GGJ) game in 2020. With a Microgrant from the GGJ and Endless Impact, we’ve developed the game design, coded a level editor, and are working on 6 levels to demonstrate our new puzzle game’s possibilities.

Strategic Repair Protocol is a 2D game about Steampunk Nano-machines that collaborate, or want to collaborate and sometimes need your help to manage their endless tasks.

More information is coming soon and it will be here!





Games you can download right now (free):

Immune Defense

Immune Defense is a strategy game for big kids and grown ups (ages 10+). Players use various white blood cells to fight off real pathogens, using real surface proteins and signaling molecules.
More information about Immune Defense.
Immune Defense Credits.

Pay what you want by filling in your own price.
Available for PC, Mac and Linux computers.

Immune Attack

Immune Attack is a 3rd person shooter created by my former company, the Federation of American Scientists. Players navigate a Microbot through a 3D environment of blood vessels, connective tissue and the surface of a white blood cell.

This game is proven effective at teaching and STEM confidence increasing: My research papers and presentations are available here.

Installation and playing instructions: FAQ for Immune Attack.

Credits: The whole game was Developed by Escape Hatch Entertainment.

Discover Babylon

Discover Babylon is a 3D adventure in ancient Mesopotamia. Experience all those things you usually see in a museum in their original context.
Discover Babylon is an educational video game that features Mesopotamia’s diverse contributions in writing, mathematics, literature, and law. The game is a joint project of the Federation of American Scientists Learning Technologies Project, UCLA’s Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative, Escape Hatch Entertainment, and the Walters Art Museum. Located in what is now modern Iraq—Mesopotamia was the birthplace of written language, the first cities, the concept of the 360° circle and the 24-hour day, not to mention the earliest known laws and literature—yet its contributions are not well known to many Americans. Targeted at ages 8 –14, Discover Babylon TM will use sophisticated video gaming strategies and realistic digital environments to engage the learner in challenges and mysteries that can only be solved through developing an understanding of Mesopotamian society, business practices, and trade.

To download:

Minimum Specifications:
Operating System: Windows XP, Service Pack (SP) 2
Screen Resolution: 1024×768
CPU: Intel Pentium 4, 1.0 Ghz
RAM: 512 MB
Disk Space (for installing): 700 MB
Other: Directx 9.0c, Speakers and/or headphones, full sized (not laptop) keyboard

Science Games under Development

… Like “NanoCrasherVR”: race through a cell surface like you don’t know you’re only 25 nm wide!
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