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July 31, 2015:
We are not making builds because we are re-designing the whole GUI. That is, the whole Graphic User Interface! Yep, all the buttons and text that you click on and read in the game. We are preparing an update email our IndieGoGo, Kickstarter and mailing list fans. Very soon we’ll reveal our plans. They are awesome. We are also recruiting an old friend of Immune Defense who is a medical illustrator who has made their own Unity3D video games… a small subset of the Human population, let me tell you. And you will not be disappointed.
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March 12th, 2015
This build is the latest we have. It is optimized for quick download:  PLAY THIS!

We are discussing game design at our forum:

Other ways to play: and  Please leave comments and ratings for us, too!

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Monday Evening build: OK, we’ve been working over time on the problem of speeding up our download times. Here you go: PLAY THIS!

Really, though, the fastest way to play Immune Defense is on Game Jolt!


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This week’s build is early! Happy almost Friday! The cool stuff in this week’s build is the DATA-Base. Finally complete, the DATA-base it ready for your viewing. Our interns, from AIE, Seattle, are looking at the language in the game and the way we present the cool game mechanics to the player. Will the player think they are cool, is our question! Because we are a science Game, we run the risk of alienating people–a risk that complicated games about nonsense do not face! Arg, it is frustrating! So! That said, my personal goal is to present the real science in a pseudo fantasy, hyper real format that should draw you in. Key one is only mention it when you need it (like any good game design) and key two is play testing! Does it also sound cool to you? Please tell us!


You can also play on Game Jolt!
Play Immune Defense on Game Jolt, the free game site for indie developers!




OK, today is Sunday, late Feb 15th.
Our new build has analytics added. No new game play. So please try it out, tell your friends share our links!!!!!!!!


Welcome to the oldest battle on Earth.

(We are on IndieGoGo, till March 1)




Last week:
It’s Friday! And here is your new build of Immune Defense!

This week we worked on
1. Level design! Levels 3 and 4 were killing many of you at MAGFest. We made a few changes to show you key info earlier, so you can use it to beat the level.
2. More level design! Levels 5 and 6 finally demonstrate what our game levels could be! Level 6 is almost a “first playable.”
Please tell us what you think!
3. The Database: we are experimenting with way to import our beautiful photoshop images of proteins.

(We are on IndieGoGo, till March 1)

Welcome to the oldest battle on Earth.

—-Level 1-4 are introductory.  You can’t zoom in or out, yet. 
—-Levels 5-6 are larger, with zooming.

This is a work in progress!  Skip level 4 if you don’t beat it, because levels 5 and 6 are our best “first playable” levels.

All levels are unlocked, ESC to get the level select menu.

3 comments on “Demo Updated Weekly!
  1. Phil Goetz says:

    Is this game still available?

  2. Melanie says:

    This is a work in progress. Please let us know what you think here …

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